An integral part of Tandana's mission is expanding educational opportunities, and we do this in many ways. Our scholarship program directly supports the education of secondary and university students in Ecuador, not only with funding, but also with supplemental summer courses. In addition to supporting individual students, Tandana also supports local schools at their request. So far, Tandana volunteers have helped install computer labs and libraries and they continue to fill instructional gaps by teaching English, computer skills, and other required courses.

In Mali, women in communities where Tandana has worked asked for literacy and numeracy classes so they could be more independent in the market and improve their ability to support their families.  The literacy program has grown to encompass women in 30 villages, who are now taking more advanced courses. They've also asked to add on trainings in association management so they can network their micro-enterprises and achieve even more than they dreamed possible just a few short years ago.