Community Infrastructure


Villagers in both highland Ecuador and Mali's Dogon Country have no shortage of will and ideas for improving their communities.  Communities sometimes want buildings as gathering places for events, meetings and workshops, storehouses for grain or cotton banks, fences for gardens or to protect schools, or playground or sports equipment to invigorate community life and spirit.   

They are ready to work hard to achieve their goals, but are often short of the cash needed to purchase materials or hire skilled contractors if that is necessary.  Tandana responds to the requests of villages that have demonstrated their ability to work together and make use of projects, supporting them in making the changes they envision to strengthen their communities. Tandana may provide materials in-kind and hire contractors when the community members don't possess the skills or equipment to complete the project on their own.  Locals provide the materials they can and an impressive quantity and quality of labor. Sometimes these projects also provide an opportunity for villagers and visiting volunteers to work together and get to know each other.