Celebrating 10 Years



The Tandana Foundation is turning 10 this year! To commemorate the start of our nonprofit status and celebrate a decade of "Joining Hands and Changing Lives" in Ecuador and Mali, we've launched a year-long campaign on that theme.


"Ten Years of Joining Hands and Changing Lives"  highlights what is most important to Tandana: relationships. Forging positive relationships is at the heart of our international volunteer programs and community initiatives as well as our school scholarship fund. These opportunities to live, labor, and laugh with people of diverse cultural backgrounds broadens our worldviews, strengthens our communities, and propels us all toward our potentialónot as isolated individuals but as globally interdependent ones. In this way, our ability to change lives is amplified exponentially.


We'll be engaged in many activities this year to recognize all the relationships that have gone into making Tandana a success for these past ten years...and to ensure our success will continue to grow for many years to come. Keep checking the tabs below as we add stories from our blog and outside media, information about celebrations, and special opportunities to reaffirm your relationship with Tandana.